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This is the first official website of the Montana Chess Association.  Created in June 2000, the site operated actively until June 2002.

Welcome to Montana Chess! Our association has been around since 1935 and is one of the most organized in the country.

The MCA has a very good tournament circuit, a well-organized process for determining a state champion, an active board of directors and a community of players who enjoy getting together to enjoy the game of chess.

Despite the small population of the state, there are some strong players in Big Sky Country. Relative to the average strength for USCF ratings, it is believed that Montana players are underrated by at least 100 points. Good chess is played here!

Membership in the MCA entitles you to receive a newsletter (five times per year) with recent tournament scores and games, along with news of coming events and the chance to participate in USCF-rated tourneys.

Enjoy your visit to our site!

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