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Past News  1/18/2001

New Bylaws are published

The Board of Directors stayed busy until December debating several issues and voting on proposals. The updated Bylaws are now available at this website and also will be published in the next newsletter.

In September two proposals were passed. One was the decision to raise the membership dues one dollar to $10.00 per year. The other proposal set the priority of the events for qualifying into the State Closed.                

In October, many issues were debated by the Board members and eight proposals were put up for vote. Six proposals passed.

One proposal dealt with time controls for MCA tournaments, other proposals addressed details about the Montana Invitational, and several proposals dealt with the Junior Championship, an event taking place concurrently with the State Open.

November and December was quieter, but the Board did come up with a membership discount for families, Juniors and regular members.            

The Board is now preparing for a membership drive beginning in February. Promotion of the Junior Championship to many of the schools is also on the current agenda for the early months of 2001.

The Vote

September 2000

  Proposal #1:  PASSED
  • Increase of MCA yearly dues to $10.00 per year

  Proposal #2:  PASSED
  • Ranking of events for qualifying to the State Closed
1. Current State Champion
2. Winner of the Invitational
3. Top Grand Prix finisher
4. Top three finishers at the Open

October 2000

  Proposal #1
  • Which State Closed qualifying spot will be eliminated due to the new Montana Invitational situation -- the second Grand Prix finisher or the
    third State Open finisher?
Result:   Third State Open finisher is replaced

  Proposal #2
  • Limit the time control to Game in 90 for all MCA tournaments?
    (other than the State Closed, quick chess and speed chess events)
Result:   The time control for all MCA tournaments
       is NOT limited to Game in 90

  Proposal #3a
  • Should the prize distribution for the Montana Invitational occur after
    the expenses are covered?
Result:   The prize distribution for the Montana Invitational
             will occur after the expenses are covered.

  Proposal #3b
  • What shall the prize distribution percentage be for the Montana
Result:   The prize distribution percentage for the
     Montana Invitational is  50/30/20

  Proposal #3c
  • Should the Montana Invitational qualify for Grand Prix status?
Result:   The Montana Invitational is not granted Grand Prix status.

  Proposal #4a
  • Shall the Junior Championship be held concurrently with the State Open
    (same time/same site)?
Result:   The Montana Junior Championship will be held concurrently -     same time & location - with the State Open.

  Proposal #4b
  • Should the Montana Junior Championship require USCF membership?
Result:   The Montana Junior Championship will NOT
    require USCF membership.

  Proposal #4c
  • What should the entry fee be for the Montana Junior Championship?
Result:   The entry fee for the Montana Junior Championship
          shall be $10 and free MCA membership.

December 2000

  Proposal #1:  PASSED
  • There shall be a discounted 3 year membership rate. This applies to all membership categories according to the following schedule: Regular members - $25; Juniors - $12; Family memberships - $35. The discounted family membership rate will cover all members of a family living at the same address. The family shall be entitled to receive one copy of the Newsletter.

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