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Past News  6/4/2000
New Officers/Board elected
Da Board

"Okay, so da plan is to muscle our way into Butte's YMCA and set up a novice tourney for the little kiddies. Then we lean on a few key people in high office, and wit' Tommy here schmoozin' the media, we figure to rake in HOW MUCH dough?"

An entirely new group of officers were elected to the MCA Board of Directors this year. Surprisingly, this time around more interest was taken by several people to run for office. Except for the President, most of the elections were fairly close.

Elected to President was Alex Dawson, current State Champ and past president of the MCA. He was also one of the designers of the new MCA Constitution.

Elected to Executive Vice-President was Paul Motta, also a past president of the MCA and one of the main designers of the new MCA Constitution. He also maintains the association's website.

Elected to Western Regional Vice-President was Greg Nowak, State Champion of Montana for a number of years. Greg has been one of the biggest promoters of chess in Montana during the past 10 years, and has contributed many creative ideas to help the association.

Elected to Eastern Regional Vice-President was Dennis Petrak, also a past president of the MCA and one of the officers involved in the framing of the new MCA Constitution.

Re-elected to Secretary-Treasurer was Thad Suits, the guy that has been instrumental in keeping the MCA running smoothly during the past several years and who, as editor, continuously publishes the MCA newsletter for all the members. We all really appreciate Thad's dedication to Montana chess and thank him for accepting the position for another year.